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I have the following code and am getting "error: void value not ignored as it ought to be int ab = findActiveBlock();" I would understand this error if findActiveBlock was set to void but it is

I'm trying to replace a date field that has blanks, with another date field (which may also contain blanks). I'm trying to use an ifelse function which is: companies$Date.Closed <- ifelse(

I'm using dynamic select box and fetch Data in database but I have big problem that I can't solve can anyone tell me or correct what mistake I write here. because every time i try to submit button

I would like a command line that would convert this input: capability: ESS Privacy ShortPreamble ShortSlotTime (0x0431) signal: -68.00 dBm last seen: 0 ms ago SSID: ENH202.FW

I am trying to create a random character generator that can create several different characters at once, but I am having difficulty getting data to display on more than one id= tags. For example, data

We have an application running on WAS. When we hit the application and the WAS admin console with fully qualified host name, it is turning on the Enterprise Mode on Internet Explorer. Need exper

Say I wanted to create a program that would register people for a family reunion. How would I go about reporting different details such as first name, last name, and age. This program needs to be able

I'm encountering this error when I upload archive file to App Store from xcode. enter image description here My environment are UNITY 2017 xcode10 I could upload before.But after I implemented Unity-

I have seen some answers and still a little confused about how to call an REST API for Actions on google assistant. Here is my code: 'use strict'; // Import the Dialogflow module from the Actions

So, I have a directory within a set of directories which has some files & directories owned by root. Current I am using the below command: tar.add(f) f = folder_name If let's say folder b has

public static String prepareStory(int num1, String str1, String str2, String str3, String str4, double dbl1, String str5, String str6) { return "Congratulations!\nToday is your " +num1+ " day.\

I'm starting worker in distributed mode and using REST API to start ONE connector, I have a print statement in the start() of HdfsSinkConnector class: @Override public void start(Map<String,

I have a wordpress site that uses an Avada theme, and the pages are set up with Fusion builder. I need to make a custom xml feed that the link of that will be supplied elsewhere. I have looked at

I have been struggling with a multi-threaded issue lately. I have a C# console application that trains neural networks. I spawn a thread via a task for each network I am going to train. I created a

Well, I'm sure this is probably quite easy, but I can't realize on my own, I want to get the avatar inside my model by scripting.

So basically I'm struggling to get my Discord music bot to leave the voice channel it's in, when it's not currently playing any songs. I've tried to make him leave if the queue is empty, but since I

The following code compiles without warning: Version 1: var anything: Any anything = "woof" Makes sense Any is any type, value type or reference type. However, if we create an optional variable

I have a website and I am using the PayPal IPN service. It was working perfect but since 9/8/2018, the ipn.php file does not work anymore. I have read a lot of things and I have discovered that I

hopefully, this is not a bug and just my misunderstanding of how Xinput is supposed to work. I have been writing a game, and I am using Xlib to get input from the keyboard. The bizarre thing is that

I am trying to figure out how to combine multiple records together into one where the TERM Date of the first record is the day before the EFFective date in the other record. Here's some sample data:

I am unable to load this nested JSON into a data frame. require(RJSONIO) sample_json2 <- '[{ "_id" : { "$oid" : "50b59cd75bed76f46522c34e" }, "student_id" : 0, "class_id" : 2, "scores" : [

I'm trying to use jest with an Angular project created by @nrwl/nx. I have followed this article to convert my app from using karma to jest. The issue I'm getting is that even though my tests are

I need to delete the blank cells in column F from F4 on down. There will be between 0 and lots of blank cells per row. I'm very new to coding, and my most successful approach has been to take code

Is there programmatic control to uncollapse a table whose columns open collapsed? I am creating a simple table with column grouping---nothing responsive. In Version 4.0. The only way I've found to

It feels like this should be easier than it is, but I am having an issue with it. Here is what is asked: Construct a NFA for the following language L = {ab,ba}*. So, I understand that I can have any

Hey friends I'm facing an annoying issue, I'm trying to make my web app responsive and I'm almost done , only left to make the login bar responsive and that a big problem for me. I tried some stuff

def map(): if request.method == 'POST': key = "AIzaSyB0t_jG7vTaCJaVfMHEw" orilist = request.form['from'].split() deslist = request.form['to'].split() mode = request.form.get('

We all know that usually a program will just return one value, but I have noticed that we have two value returning registers $v0 and $v1 in MIPS. The code I have seen all only have $v0 but $v1, and I

I am new at Angular, and I would like to know how to disable a button after I click that same button and performed the action correspondent This is my button html code <button type="button" class=

I am trying to create a directory with a variable as the name, with a folder inside it (also a variable). Currently, this is what I have: ### sort and copy files to backup if event.event_type

I have a set, and in that set are struct objects. Here is my set declaration: //Where tile is the struct I'm using set<tile> puzzleSet; Suppose I want the tile object only. How can I do this

I am facing issue in mapping data from two sources into single destination which have different datatypes as well. I tried using relational mapper but that didnt help me or probably I did something

I have the following enum: enum ExampleEnum { case one case two case three case four } And the following property definition: var exampleProperty: ExampleEnum! prior to swift 4.2

I have found some similar scenarios, and I have tried their solutions, but it doesn't work for me. Here's the scenario: I have a profile model, which was inherited from User, I have a education model,

How to ask the bot to send a message to another channel (specific channel) that is not the same as the bot receive command? Let's say bot receives the message !ban @xxx in channel #a and if action is

I was going through Perceptron topic, and I came across this weight update rule if there is an error Wn = Wo + l(t - y)Xi where Wn = new weight Wo = old weight t = target y =

I spent some time playing around with sqlalchemy-datatables today. My goals were to simply achieve ajax-loading of query data into datatables as well as pagination. It took care of these very easily.

I am using highstocks, here are the default themes. 'use strict'; define(['highcharts', 'highcharts-more'], function(angular, nvd3) { (function() { Highcharts.theme = { chart: {

I need to get the date of constantly changing two weeks back so from today two weeks back in YYYY-MM-DD format. I got it with this code snippet that works, but is there a better way? Thanks!!!

The BtnFwd function is supposed to bring in frame4 and only create certain widgets based on what button was pressed to get there. Not sure what is wrong or maybe there is a better way to do it def

The documentation for module* says that it can require the enclosing module. How can it require the enclosing module, or require a module defined in the top-level module in its source file? #lang

I am new to c++. I am also new to Visual Studio. When I compile this code it says it succeeded, but it doesn't let me enter the number so that the function will run. I am not sure if I am writing the

This may seem a bit of a stupid question but its at the back of my mind since a long time and its also important that I get this clarified. How is the modal as in bootstrap modal pronounced? Same as

I just started using the Google Maps and Google Places APIs for an app I am developing. I keep getting the OVER_QUERY_LIMIT error when sending a request to the https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/

I played with someone else's code to generate word sequences using a trigram model, and compute their probability in the model. Here's the code: text = [None, None] prob = 1.0 # <- Init

I am new to maven, and I am using Spring and Hibernate in my project. Now when i try to connect Oracle Database using the below maven dependency <dependency> <groupId>

As a practice question, I created a split function, which basically does the same thing as str.split(). However, for my first test value it seems that the last word is being ignored and not being

<StateDataSet> <State> <Name>Washington</Name> <City>Seattle</City> <business>Starbucks</business> </State> &

suddenly my SSRS sending the same report email multiple times. I can't find the issue anywhere. I am using SQL Server 2012. Both single reports and data-driven reports are affected. I use MS Office365

I have a WPF App that is currently just a window with a backing viewmodel, the viewmodel has a VisualElement property from Xamarin.Forms, that property is set with a Xamarin.Forms ContentPage in a .