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I spent all day trying to make a simple application that could log in through facebook, and failed. I went through problems that were easily solved, such as fixing the version of the @ionic-native/

I have set the setting to never sleep When I leave the computer for a longer time, it seems to go into sleep I'm unable to wake it up from that state and will have to "kill it off".

I want to use the map function to show Harris County in Texas. However, when I run the command "map('county', regions="texas,harris")" it displays both Harris and Harrison Counties. What is the best

I'm trying to use the Woocommerce (v 3.5.4) Rest Api on my VPS (debian 9, Nginx). Everything works well in my local machine (windows 10, XAMPP). wpbop/ is the folder (var/www/wpbop/) where the

package com.example.audio; import android.media.MediaPlayer; import android.support.v7.app.AppCompatActivity; import android.os.Bundle; import android.view.View; import android.widget.Toast; public

Can someone explain why the following code it isn't filtering? private void LoadAppointments() { // load all "Routine" appointments into the listbox string[] lines = File.ReadAllLines(@"D:\

I would like to Set column width for Google Table chart with Dashboard. In the following code, I wanted the last column width to be smaller. I tried many different things, but couldn't find a way. I

package.json "devDependencies": { "tailwindcss": "^0.7.4" }, "scripts": { "tailwind:css": "tailwind build src/css/tailwind.src.css -c tailwind.js -o src/css/tailwind.css", "start": "

In my project I have a time_zone attribute using pytz that a user manually sets when creating their account. I also have a form that creates a lesson object, and in that has lesson_datetime, which a

I'm sorry and this is probably a basic question but as I am learning scrubadub and trying to get it work myself on Jupyter notebook. It kept showing - HTTP Error 503: Service Unavailable This is what

I've got a small open source program which compiles as a shared module for apache, but when apache tries to load it, it refuses to load, complaining about: "undefined symbol: ap_log_rerror". Running

I'm confused to why I need to buy a vtiger module/extension that shows list colors in vtigers list view but I sure there is a way you can hard code this into the code to enable the view to list a

I am trying to find a way to sort a List as fast as possible. I know about "bucket sort" which I will use(I think?). But before doing that. I think I am looking for the fastest possible clean

I am attempting to combine two different (but similar) model instances into one object to work with for viewing purposes. This is a very basic example of what I am trying to do (but for a more

I am facing below error while connecting python to oracle : cx_Oracle.DatabaseError: DPI-1047: Cannot locate a 64-bit Oracle Client library: "The specified module could not be found" i have followed

I have a problem with injecting Symfony Serializer into the controller. Here is a working example of what behavior I want to achive: public function someAction(): Response { $goodViews = //here I

I have been trying hard to speed up some simple linear algebra operations in my simulation. There is a runtime bottleneck where matrix-matrix multiplications, followed by a trace operation are

I'm currently using matlab to calculate and sum the no2 at every cm along a vertical path of length "maxh". I'm currently using the following code to specify not only the concentration of no2 at any

I need to get an element using CSS or XPath by searching by its text inside a list, each element contains the Project Name, the Status and the Country separated with the character "|". The problem is

I've been working with an API call to structure it in JSON format so I might later push it into a database. Then code looks like this: getPage() { curl --fail -X GET 'https://api.app.com/v1/test?page=

JButton Add = new JButton("Add Courses"); frame.getContentPane().add(Add); Add.addActionListener(new ActionListener() { public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ev)

Ive a 3 node cluster and alwayson_sql is running on all the 3 nodes. when a node that runs alwayson_sql service failover this service failsover to another node and i ve to give new url/hostname to the

This returns an empty array: $storeQuery = $storeQuery->getQueryBuilder(); $storeQuery->select("store_id")->from("user_store", "usr")->where("usr.user_id = :userId"); $

I am using NEST (C#) and try to ingest 10s of thousands of documents into an Elastic search instance. Unfortunately, after a while everything just stands still - i.e. no more documents are ingested.

I have a class that has some Option values, and I need to apply all the values that come as Some in the class to a list of objects. Example: class Thing(name: String, age: Int) class Filter(name:

How to play a song from playlist when a user clicks on it? Everything file related in UWP is storageFile type. How do I give the media player a stream from a StorageFile?

I am using Scala and junit for unit testing and trying to run an individual unit test via IntelliJ but, having trouble finding what is the test name under the BDD convention. class AnimalPlanet { "

I have a pandas dataframe as below: +------+---+ |Name |age| +------+---+ |Mona |12 | +------+---+ |Monika|25 | +------+---+ |Tomas |3 | +------+---+ |Ilyas |47 | +

If I have a React component with the following signature: class GridLayout<T> extends React.Component<VideoLayoutProps<T>> And I'm wrapping it with styled-components like this:

I have deleted android studio, and I need to delete the .gradle folder, unfortunately, I can't delete this folder, it contains another folder, and it always tell me that this folder is corrupted.

Let's say, we have a simple React component connected with Redux: const MyComponent = ({ name }) => <p>{name}</p> // PropTypes definition - we'll back to that in a moment const

I wish to make it so that the textarea is no longer than the original length of the page. Meaning you shouldn't need a scrollbar to see the whole thing. Currently I am following the answer from this

I have this class, a hierarchy of categories. class Categories { public long Id { get; set; } public long ParentId { get; set; } public string Name { get; set; } public bool

For example, if we had the number 2345678, how could I get all n pairs? Desired values for number 2345678, for different n values: # Output all_two_pairs = 23, 34, 45, 56, 67, 78 # n = 2

I'm dabbling into the art of service workers and PWA. I have trouble finding out more about authentication for the service worker. I want to poll or have a websocket to a backend, where i would need

In JavaScript it's possible to start playing an audio file at a certain point, as follows: $('audio#words').currentTime=302.1; $('audio#words')[0].play(); The question is, how can one specify how

I want to fill my textview with a .txt file's content from an url. Currently i have this but this is just does the trick locally but thats not what i really want Can someone help me to get the data

I am using CRA with Material UI + Material Icons for a project, also with Redux and Redux Saga. When I build my App, the bundle size is significantly larger. I followed some tutorials like this:

I've got a customer requirement to replicate a multiregion storage bucket (Mr Bucket A --> Mr Bucket B) so that every new object gets copied. Would Cloud Functions be the way to go here?

Given: A Year: 2019 A Calender Week Number: 1 (== 1st Week of a year) A DayOfWeek: SUNDAY Needed: A transformation f of those Infos into a LocalDate Object so that assertEquals(LocalDate.of(2019,

I've got a log that looks like this: ** &nbspWed; Feb 20 2019 at 12:38:10:734 PM : ** ** &nbspGnssLocationListener; \- 41** \- onSatelliteStatusChanged() : fixCount = 7

I am attempting to cache several pages for offline use as soon as a user visits my index page. The pages being cached are forms which can be completed and saved locally until the device gets a

I have a Docker bridge network, to which are attached 2 containers: a Node.js server running on the port 3333 a Flask server running on the port 5000 The network has this configuration: [ {

i'm trying to insert data into my database mariadb the code is the following: <?php require 'conexion.php'; $name = $_POST['name']; $apellidos = $_POST['apellido']; $email = $_POST['

I am using element tree to parse an xml file that looks like the one below and then add a text to node B. However, after i use parse method and add text for node B, node A is modified as well. How do

I am facing a serious issue. I have a framework named "abc.framework" and it contains a function in which you can pass a viewController object. //this is the method in my framework func launchView(

I have a div. I refresh it's content by jquery load function. The div has inside another divs. The width of them is getting from SQL datebase via PDO. Works perfect when dont change anything. When i

I have a text file of lines in the format 2 0 0 7 0 0 4 1 1 10 0 0 9 0 1 8 1 1 These lines represent the data in a binary search tree where the first element is the node data, the second is whether

My date Format is "MMddyy" in sql .. When am trying to do as below it through me the date conversion error but am not sure what I need to do there?? Condition Failing: My WarrantReceivedDate should

Below is the requriements seciton and I have to model a high level UML State diagram for a single auction, just unsure about the whole thing :). Requirements section: The eAuction system allows