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整数不通过resultactivity.java Android

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I've followed the directions on this said article, but the Integer (c_correct) I'm passing is still not showing. How to pass integer from one Activity to another?


We have a git project contains multiple independent applications. Some of the applications we want to keep them private for now, and others we would like to share externally via a gerrit

“enablebatchprocessing springboot配置

I have two application need to run in SpringBoot. One of the application is Spring Batch. @RequestMapping("/checkRecord") @ResponseBody void record() { Date startDate = new Date();


collapsed = TRUE does not work on shiny server. but it work on local R. I use the same code. but the on shiny server dose not collapsed. shiny server: local R: ##### in app.R library(shiny)


How to change this code in .tpl files? 1) $ this-> render ('_ form', [ 'model' => $ model, ]); 2) GridView :: widget ([ 'dataProvider' => $ dataProvider, 'filterModel' =&


I hate being stupid but why is this code: const buttonDOT = document.getElementById('gridButton_dot') .addEventListener('click', function(){mainDisplay.value += '.' }) resulting in my

git grep文件名字

I want to look only distinct file which have a certain word in their text. current_directory$ git grep 'word' shows each line of the file which has matching word So I tried this current_directory$


I know the version issues of mat files which correspond to different loading modules in python, namely scipy.io and h5py. I also searched a lot of similar problems like scipy.io.loadmat nested


My network consists of two aodv host nodes.. one node's mobility is CircleMobility and the other's mobility is LinearMobility. My purpose is to move the node with CircleMobility relative to the


I have configued a pipeline script in jenkins . In one stage , I need to run a perl script with arguments ,like : pipeline { agent any stages { stage('First Stage') {


I have to make a code that'll get the second highest and second lowest number in an array. Second highest number will be printed to the console in English, second lowest in Spanish. I have the code


Currently, I am able to make my keyboard appear/hide when I click inside/outside my UITextView. I'd like to make this nicer by tinting the background darker when keyboard appears, and background


I am trying to encrypt karaf log message using JCE DES encryption using custom log4j appenders but with no success. Everytime I enable it, logs stop and karaf basically hangs and then I have to kill


I want to break selection (B3, B4..etc) into new row.. Please help me. for a example= If I select B3 cell, I wanna add more 3 Rows and 2nd to 4th line should be move down. Always not same line break

301重定向asp aspx在webconfig -否定有一定的页面查询字符串

I Have a redirect rule in my web.config file that redirects all .asp pages to .aspx. However, there are a few url's with .asp extensions that I do not want to redirect. These urls are displayed like


I am trying to install lastest Kivy (development version). I encounter error (detail log is attached below). Following is my environment: OS: macOS Sierra 10.12.6 (16G1212) Python: 3.6 ( on virtual


when the maven build is triggered, i see nekohtml and log4j-slf4j libraries being downloaded. but when i check my pom i don't see any where these jars mentioned. i want to change version of these jars.


I'm trying my hand at Cryptography using Python2.7. I'm able to encrypt-decrypt a text once. But when I try to encrypt multiple times, in a loop, it doesn't give the desired result. Please have a look


On button click, I need to change the color of the image and save it as a new file in the app directory. The below code sets the color of the ImageView but while saving the ColorFilter is not getting


In sdk/build-tools folder i have 22.0.1 24.0.0 24.0.1 25.0.1 26.0.0 I have imported a project which has gradle:2.2.2 Error is Failed to build tools revision 23.0.3 How can i resolve this issue


I installed Apache on my windows server. I have a Flask application that I deployed using it and it works. However, I'm trying to deploy my Django app and nothing is working. WSGI.py import os

Today, multiple developers on my team started seeing this error when they attempt to run any Gradle task. * Where: Build file 'C:\dev\src\my_app_name\app\build.gradle' line: 1 * What went wrong: A


I have JavaScript function to return list of google analytics account names for a given email address. I want to get view Id by giving account name or account Id.Is there any API or way to do this?


As part of crawling with Nutch, I am opening some pages which jas ajax content in Firefox through selenium. When i run the job, i end with below error : 2018-02-25 10:07:10,816 ERROR


A simple program about storing rivers and their respective locations in a dictionary. I was wondering how I would go about looping through a dictionary key and looking if the dictionary key (or value)


I'm working on speech enhancement using denoising autoencoders. My model is giving enhanced speech results in wav format for noisy input wav audio files. I want to check if the generated wav file is


I have a number of files having the duplicate entries. I want to remove these entries. But I don't want to remove the entire duplicate entries but only half of them. For examples, Source I have a


i an new in nativescript. i try to learn chart in nativescript but it's give "TypeError: Cannot read property 'cartesianChart' of undefined" error. home.componet.html <RadCartesianChart


Many applications have application specific configuration files (mysql.ini, nginx.conf, cassandra.yaml, etc.) In Kubernetes (from what I can gather from the docs), configuration can be mounted in the


I am getting this error when using Firebase mobile authentication on my physical device. Looking for solutions I did the following: 1.Updated SHA1 in firebase console 2.I am using firebase Api and

JQuery TypeError是不是一个函数

Trying to hide every element that has a class of 'shopping-item__checked'. Keeps getting thrown error that $().closest().find().hasClass().hide is not a function. Thanks for the help in


I currently have an adView that is launched whenever an activity is launched. I'd like to check if that adView already has an Ad running and if it does then it continues running that Ad , however, if


For a Google App Script, I want to write something like: if (a <> 0 ) { b = 1 } But the <> operator apparently doesn't exist and I can't find mention of a replacement for it. There must be


Please tell front-end technologies to give an enhanced modern look to a web site.


I've ran into a problem that people seem to have often. I need to access some resources (namely, migrations) that are in my main class resources folder. This post talks about, however the proposed


So I am looking at the docs for aframe regarding component update AFRAME.registerComponent('visible', { /** * this.el is the entity element. * this.el.object3D is the three.js object of the

Swing GUI。我怎么能在一个特定的标签面板中打开一个窗口

I have a jFrame with Jtable and 2 buttons. Select and Cancel. how can i make it automatically go to a specific tabbed panel after i click Select or Cancel button Heres my jFrame with jTable. want i


I am using: implementation 'com.android.support:appcompat-v7:27.0.2' implementation 'com.android.support:support-v4:27.0.2' implementation 'com.android.support:design:27.0.2' implementation 'com.


A customer goes to the grocery store. They buy a gallon of milk. The milk is $3.26. Customer pays $100. They expect change of $96.74. Cashier has to give back change, by checking whats in the cid (


My Php is receiving a POST like this {"sleepJSON":"[{\"babyid\":\"100\",\"id\":\"1\",\"sleeptime\":\"2018-02-23 10:25\",\"wakeuptime\":\"2018-02-23 10:30\"},{\"babyid\":\"100\",\"id\":\"2\",\"


DOWNLOAD_DELAY parameter sets a delay per each downloaded page. But what I would like to have instead is a delay set per each scrapy thread. Is there any way to do that?


What is code for this c++ problem? Create a string array. Input 20 words and find out the following  :(i) The largest word in the list and its length(ii) The smallest word in the list and its length (


I need help in resolving merge conflict in git pull from github, I did following on my current branch I did following fa 1. git pull --rebase master 2. git pull ssh:.. (pulled changes from my

你如何产生Emacs /六OCaml标签文件吗?

I find that etags of emacs24 does not support Ocaml, ctags of exuberant-ctags does not generate tags well for ocaml (identifiers are missing), and otags shipped with opam does not work on Ocaml 4.06,


The DataStax Opscenter LifeCycle Manager only seems to have an option to run an 'install' job. Looking at the language, it seems to be only to provision new nodes. Can LifeCycle Manager be used to


I'm trying to use rust's conditional compilation feature and it is not working at all. I'm attempting to use this to toggle between a default library and a different one, using the cfg to re-export


I'm making a simple synthesizer in Android. I am trying to pass PCM shorts from one object (Oscillator) that generates PCM and to another (AudioInterface) that writes to AudioTrack, since AudioTrack


In a given commit object, I know how to find the changes to the filenames, but I'm not sure how to find the explicit full path of that exact file without a lot of iteration and tracking the commit


I wanted to create a new list with the same positions of each sublist is it possible to create? list1 = [[1,2,3],[4,5,6],[a,b,c],[d,e,f] I wanted to create a new list new_list = [[1,4,a,d],[2,5,b,

C事故% F [持有]

I'm working on a simple C program, but it crashes whenever it hits a printf("%f", float);. I created this program to test this, and indeed it crashes whenever I run it, but still compiles. #